Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dawn Of

By M. Jay Mansfield

Breaking dawn or moonbeams curse
finds me in the same place
wavering from brutal rage to peaceful solitude
every hot iron of pain that hits me
takes me from my normal place
I want to be in peace and love and HATE
no, peace and love,
and a low growl of a wild beast
Hunt, maim, kill
Hold cuddle protect
Most people ride their one life into the ground
never knowing all there is to hold
Most never live enough to grow old
And many old ones never lived enough to know
So here we are at an impasse
We, me, you
I have to break something. someone, somehow
it will be me, you or us
I’d much rather hug you and send you on your way.
But I can tell you don’t know enough to let that happen
So these are the roles of a lifetime we must play
So duck and roll and close your eyes at the snapping
Maybe today you won’t have to pay
Crushing blows of self against the stone…
Maybe you’ll escape the fray…
and then again I can enjoy the crushing beauty
of being alone…
Oh yes I wish that I could love you…
but right now maybe you should go…
There’s really not much you can do…
Except right now let me go…
©4-23-11 MJMansfield
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