Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Life Not Yet Done

By Wendy Shepard-Kalan

When I get the news I think of those
Who have stood here before
Heart so heavy holding back tears
Wanting to run for the door
So many fears
Nothing new...only to me
My mind races
All the things I wanted to see
All the places...
My family how can I go
Heartbreak now that I know...

My Life is not perfect I guess,
But now I see it's a gift for sure
In all it's mess
I want it more
Those who have lost the battle and died
All they have wished for
I know they tried
But what a chore

Cancer is evil here on earth
Taking from anyone
For all their worth
A life not yet done.

I wish I could hold their hands In mine
And bring them back to today
life and death a fragile line
I guess I'll just sit here... and pray.

©2012 Wendy Shepard-Kalan
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