Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angel Whispers

By Peg Jones

Angel Message for the month of April 2012

The angels like to speak of healing with their messages, for others. They want to help all who are in need of healing. The angels speak of how their messages help those who are hurting at the moment. The messages have a lot of light and bring hope to all those, who may see no hope .

The angel asks us to be hopeful; even in times, of sadness and pain. They say, that when there is a time, that seems very dark, that this is when you can’t give up. Asking the angels for help and guidance, will help you to feel better about a situation. They say that when asking the angels for help and guidance, they will come to help you immediately. The angels give us many signs that they are around us. They sometimes will brush up against an arm or a leg, or they may touch us on the face, to let us know they are around. We may hear something, whether it be on TV, or in a passing conversation, that something is said, and the words you heard came at the exact time you needed to hear them.

My favorite sign, that I have is a sticky note, and it says, “Call us, we are free.” Whenever I see this note, it reminds me, I can call on my angels for help. Be aware of these synchronicities as it is a good way to know that your angels are near.

The main message, the angels would like to tell us, for this month is that they want to help us in any way that we ask them to help us. They want to assist us to our highest good. They ultimately would like to see all us live in our heart place, on a daily basis. The heart place has no room for worry, or fear, or anger. Our higher self is present to us there, in the most positive way.

Living in the heart place, is where love and peace exist. Our clarity becomes more apparent, and we find that living in the heart place is a place where we can flourish and grow in so many ways. The heart place is where your true self lives and where the cobwebs of the ego are no longer there to ruin what the heart place truly stands for.

Sometimes imagining what your heart place looks like can truly help you to imagine in being there at all times. You can imagine who is there, and what you are speaking about, when you are there. Others benefit when we are in our heart place in that we let our light shine to all those around us, and we bring the light to areas that are not full of light. Our little beam of light can be a large beam of light when there isn’t much light. We all have light, when we are in our heart place and not living from our ego place. Asking the Angels for help in achieving this, will help speed up the process. It also helps us to understand that we really are not alone, even when we feel that way, at times.

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