Sunday, April 1, 2012


By John I. Blair

One might think the name implied
Something big, impressive,
Even dangerous.

Then reality intrudes:
It’s a car, a Dodge in fact,
Only medium in size
And minuscule in menace.

This one came into my life
Quite by surprise,
A whirlwind romance
And forced engagement

Following an accident
Brought about
By someone else’s carelessness,
An error at an intersection.

Desperately needing wheels
I found that Calibers
Both met my minimums in size
And maximums in cost.

So here we are,
A managed marriage,
Seemingly content
But not actually in love,

Cruising quietly enough
But with a hint
(If you are giving heed)
Of friction;

Yet I do retain a hope
That, given time,
We yet may find
A high road to romance.

©2012 John I. Blair

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