Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crawling Out of My Skin

Crawling out of my skin
I don't know where to begin
I can dream of a time and place
There are those nights where I can still see your face

This world has made me so cynical
This world has turned me into a pessimist
Oh I can't resist

This world has made me feel so down and out
My heart makes me turn about
I want to reach back in time,
I want to find that place where my heart can touch your face

Crawling out of my skin
I am not sure where or when this will end
I can dream of a place and time
Maybe one day there will be happiness to find

Please don't let my mind erase
the last touch of your face
Don't let it slip away
My heart is melting

Those who are left standing will wonder
What did we teach them in the end
Did we show them how to learn from desire
Or did we light this world on fire

Crawling out of my skin
It's all fading so fast
The touch of the past
This dream won't last

©3/18/12 Bruce Clifford

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