Friday, June 1, 2012

Island Friends

He walks the island with a Butterfly as his Guide
A trusted Yellow Warbler is always at his side
The Warbler speaks in a language much like a song
He's always happy to have this friend along

The Butterfly Guide comes around every day
So he won't get lost or lose his way
Flying in front, so close to his eyes
“Know that we're here, know that you're wise”

The Butterfly doesn't talk, yet he hears the words
As it flies in the trees, among all the birds
Then among the lilac bushes, and then to the ground
“You'll smell the lilac, and know I'm around”

There goes the Warbler, off to another tree
He doesn't stray far, he always comes back to me
I'll hear his song and know he's nearby
Until a notion takes him, and then he'll fly

Many people don't see, and many don't hear
The Butterfly so close, or the bird song so near
Each have an important role, just as we do
A journey in life, that they must get through

©May 26, 2012 Bud Lemire
Thank you dear God, for all the wonderful creatures here on Earth.

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