Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Angel Whispers

Humor and our angels

"Angels have a sense of humor…The angel’s wants us to enjoy life. Have a good laugh at yourself every now and again for taking life seriously. Then take time to laugh with the angels!" 
-Margaret Neylon 

When I found this quote tonight, I felt that this would be a good thing to talk about how sometimes we are so very serious about our life and our path that we may forget to have a sense a humor.

Sometimes, it seems like we even forget about laughter, having fun with family and friends.
The angels always remind me that when I am not laughing and being very serious about every aspect of my life, that it’s time to take some time out, to find more humor in my life.. They make many suggestions for how we can do this.
  • Go out with friends for a night of fun, see a funny show or watch a funny movie
  • Watch old reruns of shows from your youth
  • Listen to you favorite comedian on tv or cd
  • Go dancing with partner or with friends
  • Talk to an old friend, the kind of friend that if you hadn’t seen them in a month you could pick up right where you left off from last time you spoke
  • read some jokes on the internet
  • sing old songs out loud
  • be with kids and do something fun with them
  • listen to old songs that are silly write your own parodies on something you see as quite strange
  • watch a old comedy show or go to a play that is a comedy
The angels always let me know, when I haven’t smiled in a while, and when I am taking my life, too seriously. The show humor through songs, I may hear, and can relate to, or through print, or something I saw as I was driving to or from a destination. Sometimes, I will be reading, and I read something that is completely hilarious; and suddenly I feel better, and my energy has been brought to a lighter vibration.

When stress gets to best of us, the angels will remind us to settle down, relax and to just live in the moment. I have found, that when we don’t take this time, we will be reminded, over and over, to take this time for ourselves.

The angels will help us, with recognizing the importance of taking care of ourselves. The thing is, we have to recognize their presence. The angels do believe in respecting our free will, of whether or not, we would like them to guide us in some way. Once we say, “Yes, please assist me.”, they will be there, for us, right away.

The angels that help us are the archangels and the angels. The archangels are the angels that work hard, at helping mankind on the earth plane. They each have specific specialties, or jobs, to help to heal, in so many, different ways. They are the healing angels for all of mankind. And they love to be of service to us. Many times, I will hear….
    “Call us for free.”
    “Service with a smile”
So when you are feeling that laughter has been lacking in your life, know that your angels are working hard to help you with this stress, relationship or career or healing issue, anytime you ask, for assistance. All you have to do is just call on them to help you.

The angels also like to work with your guides. And from what, I have experienced when the guides and the angels work together, along with a few loved ones or friends, I know, the appropriate help, is on its way.

They remind us that, when we trust in them, that trusting the process, is of utmost importance. They remind us, in so many different ways, that we are never truly alone. They love to have us smile, and to bring the humor back into our lives, when we are at a low point in our life. So when we need to find this laughter or this joy, to just ask, you would like to feel joy or humor, in your life, again.
Peg Jones, is an Angelic Life Coach, and loves to help others to learn and communicate with their angels. She teaches an Angel Communication Class at Spiritualists online network. Her next classes will be starting on, March 31, on Tuesday nights, at 7 pm, EST. She will also be leading an Angel circle for the month of April, on Fridays at 11 am EST in the Open Circle chat room at Spiritualists Online network.

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