Monday, December 1, 2014


So many people deal with depression every day
Emotions that cut deep and won't go away
Colors dance around, but all they see is gray
A deep down dismal feeling that has come to stay
Falling deep into the gray world that you've come to know
Everything seems hopeless, there's nowhere you can go
Alone in a place so dark it makes you cry
Thoughts rolling in, do you really want to die

There are many good things, if you could only see
The beauty of the Universe, in this reality
Nature and its colors, people's laughter too
You can climb out, but it's always up to you

You are not alone, and never have to be
See beyond the darkness, to better company
Reach out to someone, and let them near
Let light into your darkness, release all of the fear

Look for the good in everything you seek
Your world doesn't have to be so bleak
The light of love can be your guide
Let your soul direct you from the inside
Let that smile come, let it fill your soul
So you can feel complete, when you let depression go
©Nov 6, 2014 Bud Lemire
                               Author Note:
There are so many people in this world who have to deal
with depression. Sometimes it is mild enough to treat with
good things such as nature and just doing what makes you
feel good. But others are so deep into it, they need pills
because it helps them more. Whatever it is that helps you,
I wish you the best in feeling better.

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