Monday, December 1, 2014

Editor's Corner

December 2014

“The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion...however persistent." --Albert Einstein.

That rings very true during this season between Halloween and New Year's when so many holidays fall into place. It is near impossible to not recall, relish pleasant memories, discussing them with visiting family members. In truth, why should those memories be dismissed? They remind of happy times, learning moments like first riding the first bicycle that Santa brought you or even better - your child, or the time the cake fell but was a rousing success filled with ice cream and bourbon flavored whipped creme. All these recollections strengthen the bonds that pull family members together, blessing each with a glow of shared moments that transcend the daily humdrum and somehow viewed from the present achieve the significance of a miracle. Perhaps it is not coincidental that memories and members (of family or various groups) begin with the melodious mmm_mmmm sound of contentment.

Our wish for your memories is that they are blessed with love and understanding, forgiveness and tenderness. Keep them.

Phillip Hennessy tells us his Poem..."Precious" on Pencilstubs in Sept 2013, like many of his poems, has become a song. It is also called "Precious" and here is a link to play the Video "PreciousDuet-1 on  Precious As time goes by, do we ever wonder, have we been through this before..? And I don't know why, but I'm often thinkin', have I ever missed you more.. ... .
 Phil adds "This is me playing guitar, and my friends, Daz, and Kyra singing."

Bud Lemire shows seven poems for December: "Lighten Up with Laughter," "Depression," "Soul Personality," "Knowing Cancer," "Sing Out A Song," "This Kind of Love," and "Tying Up Loose Ends." Jeremiah Raber submitted "Bring Me The Key" and "Down on My Knees." Bruce Clifford shares "I Won't Return" and "Latitude of Our Time."

John I. Blair sent us "Not Alone," "Keiffers," and "I Cling to Life." His column "Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XXIV" highlights the accomplishments of Arthur Oncken Lovejoy.

Mattie Lennon of Dublin, discusses the famous Walter O'Brien, whose life is the inspiration for the new TV series "Scorpion" in "Irish Eyes," and Thomas F. O'Neill, who teaches in China, tells how the average Chinese citizen regards Buddhism and other religions in "Introspective." Peg Jones in her retiring "Angel Whispers" brings tips to lessen stress during the holidays with advice from the Angels. Peg is leaving us to focus more on her career which will see her offering more classes to help others learn angel communication.

We welcome Andrea Heisler back this month with a timely recipe in the "Cookin' With" column. Andrea is the first grandchild of the late Leo C. Helmer. He would have enjoyed this special treat she features.

Don't miss the story section with chapter 8 with Lexi explaining the miraculous things her whiskers do for her.
Thanks to Mike Craner and his expertise, this little ezine has been able to present over 400 different authors over the last seventeen years, bringing their compositions of story, poetry, articles, and ongoing columns. He developed the blog version which offers a different format for viewers and can be found at Merry Christmas, Mike.

In observance of the Christmas season, here is the link to one of your editor's poems. Tiny Miracle .

Look for the January issue of Pencil Stubs Online. Compositions are accepted throughout the period from publication through December 26th. If you'd like to do a regular column, send your suggestion and let's get you into action.

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