Monday, December 1, 2014

I Won't Return

Dream if you can dream
Take yourself back to that moment in your mind
Breathe if you can breathe the air
Are you being honest or taking someone for a ride

I can’t know what gets you down
I don’t want to know when you’re around
You can’t feel without a sound
I can’t know when you’re in town

Dreams take you to other dreams
Nights bring out empty thoughts and extremes
Panic sets in and you say goodbye
Daylight returns to a new sunrise

I don’t know what touches your heart
I can’t get too close or it will tear me apart
Time wraps around time then settles in
I can’t know what you meant

Dream if you can dream
Bring yourself to that point of no return
Breathe if you can breathe the air
I won’t be burned again I won’t return 

©11/28/14 Bruce Clifford

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