Monday, December 1, 2014

Knowing Cancer

Everyone who has a form of Cancer, may not be the same
Just like everybody you know, they have a different name
Having Cancer isn't fun, it isn't like playing game
Wise up and listen, so you won't have to be lame
Just like every individual that has a personality that is unique
There's different forms of Cancer, but most will make you weak
Some remedies will help a little, some will help a lot
Taking away your pain, depending on what you've got

Once again, everyone is different on how they will react
Sometimes once will help, sometimes you keep going back
What might work for another, might not work for you
You need to adjust to what will work, just so you can get through

Adjusting the dosage, may help to some degree
Doing what feels right, is all you need to be
Understanding that not everyone will react the same
It'll work or it won't work, nobody is to blame

You may think you know it all, but you don't know until
You have all the Cancer facts, then maybe you will
Before you start pointing fingers, at someone that you know
Read about the Cancer, so you can be a Pro
©Nov 25, 2014 Bud Lemire
                                 Author Note:
Know all the facts about the type of Cancer someone has.
Not everyone can use the same medicines, or the same
system to help their bodies fight off Cancer. Everyone
is different, and what they choose to do, is what their
bodies can handle. It's not a breeze to have Cancer.
It makes you very weak. Also remember, when someone
has Cancer, sometimes you want to do more and you
can't. But by being there as a friend, you do so much more.
So many people back away and are afraid to be there for them.
It's what they need. It's the best medicine.

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