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2015, is the 8th Universal Year in this current 9-year Cycle. This is a year in which the world begins to truly reap what was sown in 2008. The Eight has a strong association with the elements of power, big affairs, big business, money and finances. And, Eight has an extremely strong connection with the concept of Karma (receiving that which you deserve for your actions) and the Universal Laws of return and attraction. If you lay the Eight on its side, it is the symbol of Infinity and the unending cycle of life and consciousness. The number 8 card in the Tarot is Strength.
8 symbolizes form that is solidified in matter. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” the energy of Karma, the Universal Law of Truth, that is cause and effect. As mankind creates, in thought, desire and action, the right vibration manifests on the material plane and we reap the harvest.

Go back to 2008 and consider the many major events that took place throughout the world. In the United States it was the financial collapse/disaster of Wall Street and then a couple of months later, the election of Barack Obama, the first black American president. The latter event was followed by a promise and an agenda set forth by the opposition to do everything in their power to stop Obama from being an effective president. The former events may portend an even greater financial crisis. This is especially true if the groundwork that has been laid over the last seven years was designed to further impugn the integrity of the institutions that serve the greater good, through actions that are not beneficial to the public at large. If steps were taken to truly improve the sector, with the public's benefit and welfare in mind, then this will be a turn-around year for everyone.

In this author's opinion, 2015 promises to make all previous years either pale in comparison, or be enough of a negative force that it prompts politicians to begin working for the best interests of everyone. The people of the United States spoke in 2008 and resoundingly said they were for the concepts of hope and change. Can that vision become a reality this year? Or, have we lost our way and have traveled further along the path towards submission to the rich and powerful? This Universal 8 Year presents the stage for the realization of the overwhelming need to unify with the god forces of the Universe. No matter your personal belief, this is the time to align yourself with a more peaceful and loving center. For today's world, the encouragement is to look at the big picture and do what is necessary to bring about grand scale actions that benefit the greater good. 2015 holds great potential for big things to occur that can shake the world.

The very positive aspects of the Eight during 2015 include success and progress in the realm of money, finances and rewards for work accomplished. The 8 Universal Year can bring about great prosperity for both individuals and businesses. This will in turn lead to great national prosperity and the ripples of success can reach out and touch everyone. In the world of business, 2015 can be a year of increased mergers and take-overs, either hostile or compatibly. This year can also be a year for improving relationships with other countries both politically and economically. Of course, a great deal of activity in this sector will be firmly tied to what groundwork was laid in 2008. Optimistically, we can expect big things in the world and perhaps, a real opportunity for political treaties that will end the strife and conflicts begun in the One Universal Year.

The negatives of an 8 Universal Year are not vibrations or energies that encourage love, peace and understanding. At its worst the Eight can be quite aggressive, angry and vindictive. This approach can be implemented by either governments or businesses, and in the absolute worst scenario, the two working in concert.

Greatly dependent upon the moods and beliefs that were put into place in 2008, we can either experience some positive growth and movement or, we can begin to experience greater political anarchy and political unrest. Since the energy of any particular Universal (or Personal Year) is first felt about 4-6 weeks prior to the actual beginning date, the civil unrest that was being experienced (especially in the United States) in the final six weeks of 2014, can be a strong indicator of what lies ahead of us. It is imperative that a dialogue that flows in two directions (think of the sign of Infinity, opposing direction that intersect in the middle as they continue their never-ending movement) is of a positive and inclusive nature, in which all perspectives, attitudes and beliefs are put on the table for discussion. Strident, stubborn voices of opposition and position needs to be marginalized so that the middle ground can take hold to guide the discussion.

An 8 Universal Year can be a year of political and social revolutions. If people voted for hope and change (in its purest, most honest form, not the political platitudes) they may begin to truly voice their displeasure with the powers that be who failed to deliver. The 8's dark side can emerge through an increase of anger resulting in tempers flaring and conflicts begun. On the international stage, this could lead to increased aggression created by political motives driven by greed and a lust for power. Conflicts currently being fought could lead to a larger war-style engagement.

In the world of business, 2015 could also see an uptick in big bankruptcies by large companies, with some of that action being triggered by some type of criminal activity. Activity that was uncovered under the influence of the 7 during 2014. Once again, the financial greed that drove the collapse of 2008 may once again rear its ugly head in a new, and even greater round of financial chicanery. Wearing its worst 'face', the Eight is the master criminal.

On the health front, 2015 may see a new round of epidemic diseases. Again, it would be wise to look back at 2008 to see what seeds may have been sown to bring about something this year.
So, where does this leave us, the citizens of the world? How the power of the 8 becomes manifest is the most important aspect. If a peaceful future in which we all coexist with a sense of brotherhood and love is important to you, then raise your voice in 2015. If you were, or are, in favor of true hope and change, then raise your voice in 2015. In this author's opinion, the world is on the brink of a major turning point in its existence and the two paths are very different and distinct. It is important for the people to be heard and considered. It is time for everyone to think, and (perhaps, more importantly) feel for themselves.

The world in the Universal Year 8 of 2015 has great potential for increased wealth and prosperity. For whom should the wealth accrue? Work for your own best interests, but at all times, keep others in mind. The realization that 'we are all in this together' must take firm root in the consciousness of each and everyone of us. Differences must be recognized, acknowledged and accepted. The continuing marginalization of not only individuals, but entire countries, ethnicities and cultures must be recognized for what it attempt to separate and control. The mighty, and ugly power of the 8 cannot be allowed to take hold. Raise your voice. The power lies within each and every one of us.
In closing, remember the sign of Infinity, the never-ending cycle of the law of return. It would behoove each one of us if we gave some time and consideration to the understanding that what we think, feel, say and do shows up in the world. From the micro to the macro. Put forth all your efforts in a positive fashion and it will be returned in kind. The ripples will continue until all are reached and touched by these forces.

I wish you, the reader, a life of loving thoughts and the experience of having them returned.
Blessings of Love and Light
Michael John Fierro
© 2014, Michael John Fierro. Reprint with permission of author only.

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