Thursday, January 1, 2015

Those Moving Planets

The planets are traveling around the moon
And we as people are all out of tune
It doesn't matter who you are
Confusing emotions will make things bizarre
Strange feelings are making you say
Things you normally wouldn't any other day
Clouding your thoughts, making it hard to think
Feels like you're in quicksand, ready to sink

Help! Help! This is not me
Why won't those planets let me be
Mars, why can't you behave yourself please
Saturn, you're making me feel I have a disease

Venus, your beauty is wonderful, but please make it end
Jupiter help me, I thought you were my friend
Uranus be good, be like the moon
Insanity is rising in the note of Neptune
Pluto please show us of your worth
You Planets are causing chaos on Earth

The planets are moving on a collision course
To play with your emotions, with an invisible force
There's nowhere to hide, it's in the air
The Universe will find you everywhere
©Dec 12, 2014 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Many have believed that the location of the planets
effect us and our behavior on Earth. It plays with
our emotions and how we act and react to things and events.
It effects the weather, and the electricity, and so much more.
I'm not one to keep checking on where the planets are and how
they effect us. I do know that now and then when Mercury has
gone retrograde, or one planet is closer to us, people start acting
unlike their normal selves. This happens all year around. This
year things have been really bizarre between the planets and the
weather and how it affects us.

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