Thursday, January 1, 2015

Love and Let Go

When all that you care for is Gone, and the Talking’s all done.
When you know, just where it went wrong, and the Walking’s begun.
When there’s no more to hide, and the feeling inside,
…it’s all numb, (…and you, can tell)
Well, you know that it’s Right, - when you give up the Fight,
and Let Go

That’s when you can ‘tell’, there’s no Heaven or Hell, (it’s the Same)
And the only thing that you Have, is your Self, …(and a Name)
When nobody Knows you, and nobody Shows you
the Way, - ( then you are Blind …)
So you open that Gate, - just Rely on your Fate,
and Let GO

Don’t hold on Too long, ( just Love, and Let Go)
Don’t hold on too long, …( there’s nothing to show)
Whatever you Came with,
it’s all that you’re Takin' with You,
…( So you should Know )
that it all becomes Right, when you give up the Fight,
and Let Go.

Life’s what you Make it, and no-one can Take it, from You.
You can Be, what you wanted, and Do, what you wanted to Do
You can see where you Are, on the Journey so far,
when there’s fences to mend, - Then,- this ain’t ‘The End’
When you’ve paid up your Dues,
then you’ve nothing to Lose,
just Let Go

©December 2014 Phillip Hennessy

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