Thursday, January 1, 2015

On Trek

The Pitch of Life

Listen . Can you hear the pitch of life?

The buzzing drone of bees as they gather nectar..The waves of the mighty oceans.

The gentle lap of winding creeks that bind the earth together.

How about the whisper of the wind thru all the leaves, and needles of our trees, chiming on cue.

The Director of the Universe has harmoniously made everything into perfect pitch.

The crickets? frogs?

How about the thunder and lightening that sound like cymbals clashing in perfect timing.


The laugh of a child , the high pitched giggles that simultaniously beat with a mother's heart.

Can you hear the pitch of the silent nights? WE, when focusing, can feel and hear the hum from within us that like clockwork hums with mother earth. In Perfect pitch!

When we, as do the Sweet Adelines performers, hear the pitch, and sing that first note, we know that each sound comes from our soul and spreads thru time and space with love, bringing everything into oneness.

What a glorious opportunity we have. The beauty of sound surrounds us,and becomes us...

Stay in Key with the pitch of life , hearing and feeling all that is good!

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