Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Compassion's a Cycle

Some friends we choose,
and some just appear
Some we will lose
and some disappear

Others will help you
just when you need,
And others will take,
..and take, till you bleed.

Your heart will get stronger
Your life will be filled
Your days will last longer
Your soul will be stilled.

Speak with your eyes
And talk with your face
Never despise,
there is no disgrace

A friend in need
will be You, one day.
Speak as you find,
and treat like you say

Time will heal the wounds we get
the scars will still be there.
There's them that remain,
and some give us pain, it all seems so unfair
Your best friends, will hurt you,
...your enemies, too.
they all are your healers sure to stay True

Look out for friends,
for they will care, too.
Compassion's a cycle, all starts with You.

©March 21, 2015 Phillip Hennessy

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