Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's a Good Day Today

I'm here, I can see,
I can touch, I can taste,
I can feel the sun,
and the wind on my face.
I hear the birds singing,
the cars going by...
It's a good day today,
a Good day to die.

The pain that's inside me
will kill me some day
if I pay it attention,
it won't go away
So I'm looking outside,
my spirit is free,
I'm making the most
of what's gifted to me.

The sweet sound of music
that sings in my ears,
The memories flow
as they bring back the years.
I'm older, I'm wiser,
I'm twenty, I'm ten
I'm living my life
all over, again.

I can do this forever,
and ever, it seems.
Is this what it means,
we're living our dreams,?
I dreamt this for real,
this happens to me
There is no illusion,
I can feel it, you see.
It's all here today,
and all gone tomorrow
There's nothing to pay,
and nothing to borrow.
Remember, remember,
each day that goes by
It's a Good day today,'s a Good day to die.

©2015 Phillip Hennessy

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