Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Caught in the midnight glare
Of a floodlamp on the eave
First a tapered head, then
Beady eyes, sleekly haired
Stout paunch, bald tail
Waddle out.

Not the least abashed
Or maybe not aware
A possum lumbers into view,
Thirst slaked at the basin
I put there for the finches,
Hunger not a problem
In a yard where birds are fed.

Primordial marsupial,
Looking like the first,
And not the best,
Attempt at making mammals,
And yet
Supremely well-prepared

For citified survival,
This one will thrive
So long as there
Are snug dens for daylight,
Strong barriers for dogs,
Ample snacks
To satisfy its questing snout.

©2015 John I. Blair

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