Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Tree

Nobody knows the heart of the Tree
So we should pass by and let it be
It shelters us from the rain
And comforts us when we feel pain
The leaves blow, the wind pushes through
It's like they're dancing, so beautiful too
Look at the trunk, do you see the bark
And their silhouettes, long after it's dark

So much beauty, can be seen in a Tree
Touching inside of you of all nature can be
Trees in a beautiful scene
Branches spread in between

Beautiful Tree with your branches held high
I admire your beauty as I walk by
Your shape from every angle, is beautiful in all
And you're at your peak, when your leaves fall

I see you everywhere that I go
I take in your beauty and I know
In everything, and all things I see
I'm thankful for the presence of The Tree
© by Bud Lemire on March 7, 2015
                                    Author Note:
Lately I've been getting closer to nature.
Especially the Tree. Just look at the trees.
They add so much to life and photos in a
scene. They do so much for us, and give us
so much as well. They help us breathe easier.
They give us paper and so much more. Yet,
their beauty is something to take in. Their
shape is something to nourish our soul.
When you look, and you feel these words
deep inside, you'll know what I'm talking
about. Mother Nature has a masterpiece
with the Tree.

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