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Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection

Nancy's Mind Ramblings ~ Tuning in to "Synchronicity"~the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

Ethereal Experiences

'Celestial' - 'Heavenly' - 'Unworldly' - 'Spiritual'

- lacking material substance: immaterial, intangible
- marked by unusual delicacy or refinement
- suggesting the heavens or heaven
- bodiless, immaterial, formless, incorporeal, insubstantial, nonmaterial,
nonphysical, spiritual, unbodied, unsubstantial

         These are various descriptions from Webster’s that relate to that which can be experienced through meditation and can also within dreams where we can access knowledge and understanding on a subconscious level to incorporate into our journey. These experiences are often blissful in nature, encompassed by unsurpassed beauty and always with a sense of how completely we are loved and that we are never on this journey alone. The edges of these experiences are often soft, glittering, without the refinement we are used to in the physical. More muted with softer colors, hence referred to as 'dreamy' as they are so different from the constraints we create here within this illusion.

         For example, you may find yourself wandering perhaps in a beautiful garden, a natural setting of some kind, maybe even a cathedral like setting where you feel an overwhelming sensation of there being so much more than what we experience in the physical sense. I believe these are reflective of what is more our true nature, than that which we think of within 'physicality' as being 'reality'. Perhaps they are meant to answer our deepest questions, often unconscious, particles of the higher self, which instinctively knows there is so much more to our being incarnated, that what is perceived here. Within these experiences we are released from the prison of constructions we create, we more naturally can reach beyond the confines of this world and enter the ethereal or astral reality from which we come, which is home. You are 'mystified', which is the perfect definition of the term.

         The details within these can often be soft, not sharply delineated. They are most often accompanied by a deep and abiding sense of complete love and the presence of what you could call 'spirit'. Sometimes clear, often softly perceived, you may even have the sensation of an entity of some kind, a loved one perhaps, even a deity within your belief system. It is often the case that the communication within these periods is not verbal in the sense that we are spoken to, but rather a communication that softly enters our awareness, imparting understandings we may have asked for, for guidance, or wisdom that is meant to assist us at this point in our journey.

         Perhaps what you see is a path that winds softly upwards, towards what appears to be a hill or mountain top where, upon arrival, you observe in the distance a circular building made of stone. From where you are you can see what appears to be a city, nestled in a valley, glowing within a soft white mist, circular buildings that are completely aglow with a brilliant light.

         Upon looking within the center of this place, you observe the largest building within the center of the other smaller dwelling-like buildings. There are many pillars which hold an enormous rounded roof and from within, it seems to glow and beckon you in a welcoming, loving way. This feels oddly familiar. Something resonates about this place you aren't quite able to place. The light which shines from this building completely surrounds this entire area as if it is lit by a million lights above and below. There is a circular pattern to this community of smaller but alike dwellings, each pathway lit softly by lights. As you approach the building within its center, you see a large doorway and beside the door you see a tall being shimmering with light. You become aware of a light which comes from what appears to be the heart of this being, a tether of warm green energy, surrounded and encompassed by a white light that now reaches warmly out to you, extending the light, connecting with your own heart chakra. You are remarkably calm and accepting of this, completely without fear, as if it is an almost forgotten greeting. This being is without form as we know it, but tall and nearly transparent, and silently invites you to enter. As you approach the being, you are filled with complete love and understanding and without hesitation; you enter the large glass doors. You are deeply aware of a sense of being welcomed home once again.

         You enter a circular rotunda with marble floors and columns which support the large glowing dome. You now see that from the rotunda, there is a circle of many doors each with a being of light standing beside the door. Your guide who entered with you silently lets you know there is knowledge, just for you, beyond whatever door you choose. One door among them seems to glow with colors that attract you towards it. Your guide conveys to you to proceed with whatever your soul is choosing. As you approach the door, you notice the sentinel who guards your door feels very familiar to you and again you feel welcomed home. Again nearly transparent, the sentinel glows with a soft light and what appears to be long, flowing white robes of some kind, radiating once more, a complete sense of unconditional love. Welcomed by this being, the doors are open to you and you enter yet another rotunda, but this rotunda, seemingly as large as the first, is just for you. Upon the walls, which soar to the top of the dome, you see rows and rows of what appear to be rolled scrolls. Cubicles stacked one upon the other, filled with carefully preserved scrolls rise and tower towards the ceiling of the dome. The sentinel guides you to the center of the room where there is a large rectangular island, topped with marble and upon this island, there is a book which lay open, the pages of which seem fragile and thin as if lifetimes are within their delicate pages. You know whatever is there, is something just for you.

         You review now page upon page written for and by you, over your lifetimes. Chronicled are all the parts of your journeys, all the players and choices, your guides and companions in spirit. Images of remembrance appear within your mind as you are now able to recall past experiences, choices made, paths not taken. You feel suddenly flooded with a resonance of who you really are, scene after scene plays out before you, events and circumstances which have shaped your chosen journey. Some seem burdensome, painful, overwhelming, others warm and filled with poignant feelings of gratitude and love, but as you progress with your review, you see the deep value they have held for your chosen experience and you are grateful for each one as you incorporate their lessons consciously into your awareness. A newer appreciation grows within for what you have previously perceived as challenges and overwhelming life experiences. You see where you had chosen them, and for what purpose. You resonate now, with what the higher self seeks for the soul and realize that within these pages you can find what it is you seek and you understand it is there for you whenever you feel drawn to answers on your journey. You review these pages and glean what it is your soul has desired to understand. You remain within your hall without thought of time or reality. It is as if you have found your origin, the place from which you departed so long ago and are reluctant to leave this place of truth and love. Within this hall, these loving beings of light, the sentinels of our experiential existence, are the caretakers of the evolution of the soul.

         Whatever your beliefs, albeit deities, guides, angelic presence etc., (as we so often feel the need to delineate the existence of these here on earth) these beings of light, as are we, are all part of us and lovingly journey with us in what is their chosen path. They stand by stoically, lovingly, completely without judgment over eons of what we consider 'time' and carefully assist in chronicling the soul's experience.

         When you have completed your review of the pages laid out for you, the sentinel guides you again to the door; silently imparting they are always there for you. You turn to review the room once again; the story of your soul's journey, knowing there is openness to your soul's choices and answers whenever you desire, as well as chosen purpose for each portion of your journey. A peace you've never felt now deeply resonates within you.

         You once again enter the outer rotunda and are greeted with great love by the being of light who guards the entrance. Again, wordlessly, conveys to you happiness at feeling your presence, reassuring you of great love and guidance. You are aware you will once again be in this place and communicate silently your gratitude for this visitation.

         You exit and begin down the path again, turning to see the beauty of this ethereal place of bliss and love, with soft edges, filled with the warmth of loving light, complete with infinite possibilities, knowledge and love.

         This 'hall' contains as many rotundas are there are souls -- each one carefully held and cared for regardless of whether the soul chooses to acknowledge and/or experience this place, for each incarnation carries with it, its own specific understanding of what it is we seek to know. For some it may not be of great value to seek for the soul. By design, it is completely the discretion of the soul as to whether or not the journey is 'spiritual' in nature, or if the soul chooses to remain 'asleep'. Regardless, the soul's journey is catalogued and upon return home, the soul can then avail itself, if it so chooses, of the value of the recent life.

         Whatever it is that helps you release this illusion and reconnect to your higher self, to help your mind remain open to infinite possibilities and your soul on a path that enhances your journey, there is so much more available to us than the minute world we see and experience beyond this physical existence, beyond towards the ethereal. Meditation can easily take you there, and with practice, you can also become what is referred to often as a 'lucid' experience, where you are present in that moment, interacting, questioning and finding what it is you seek, by being open to quieting the mind and letting in, what awaits you. Journal your dreams, in time you may also find threads of meaning there. The line between what we see and the ethereal is limited only by our inability to remain open to releasing previously held beliefs and constructs, and mindfully looking within.

         You may or may not resonate with what was actually an ethereal experience for me. So many experiences have come to me upon my journey which open further doors for me, releasing and replacing what we normally think of as what 'reality' is and keeping me on a journey to that hall, that open door and the 'story' that is mine.

         Have a most blessed journey.


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