Monday, June 1, 2015


I'm a martian Lost in this world
From Here to there I get hurled
I'm Always bouncing to the beat
I Always make it through the heat

There is nothing that can stop me
I fall then get back up as you can see
There's no bullet that will put me down
You see me walking with a frown

But that's because I'm not from here
I'll be out of here in another year
Until then I do what the master says
You'll then wonder who I really was

So save me before I go on my trip
And they return with the spaceship
That's when they take me into space
That's when I end up losing this face

Hear my cries for help as I am lost
Death is what they said was the cost
Beware I'm going going going gone....

©May 2015 Jeremiah Raber

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