Monday, June 1, 2015

God Only Knows

Sentimental images still bless my wall
I still think of You, in spite of it All
I can see you, even though it's through my tears
I'm still here, with You, after all these Years

God only Knows
Where we'd be, Now
My Love still shows,
I need you, so much
and How much,
God Only Knows.

Cold emotions are all that's left to Share
the Glory of our dreams is always there
I can't touch you,but you're always by my side
I mean so much to you, and your Love's Here, inside.
God only knows just how we feel
could Life reveal, our Love is Real
why can't we Live to see,
our Destiny, the Ecstasy
God Only Knows
God Only Knows.

youtube link: God Only Knows

©2014 Phil Hennessy

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