Monday, June 1, 2015

When You Get Old

Life isn't easy when you get old
The golden years aren't really gold
Our bodies age and aren't meant to last
Our time in life goes way too fast
Our legs give out and we take a fall
We endure our condition, we take it all
As we age and get old
We are always being told

Our freedom is taken away
Wondering what will be in each day
Being watched with all we do
Like children that we once knew

Our eyes go, and it's hard to see
Visions of how it use to be
The music that we once heard
Flies away like the yellow bird

Even our brain starts to decay
We forget exactly what to say
Where are we, where do we belong
Everything just seems so wrong

Getting old isn't fun for me
But it's the human way to be
©May 18, 2015 Bud Lemire
                            Author Note:
We are mortal, so we age with time
We must enjoy our years while we can
Because time moves on, and our bodies
age. Yet there is hope, if you believe,
our souls become young once again,
when we pass away.

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