Saturday, August 1, 2015

For My Gramps

I could write a thousand words to say how much I miss my Gramps.
I could fill a hundred pages with words that speak of my sorrow.
I could fill a book with words to morn for my Gramps.
I could speak for hours and days to say how much I miss Gramps.
But Gramps would not want that.
So instead I will write words that speak of the great things.
Things that Gramps taught me.
Things that have made me a better person.

From Gramps I got my love of gardening.
The joy of taking seeds and planting them.
The joy of waiting and watching.
The joy of the first seed poking its leaves above the ground.

Gramps taught me to water just right.
Gramps taught me to prune just right.
Gramps taught me to weed just right.
Gramps taught me to harvest just right.

Much more did Gramps teach me about life.
He taught me to take people as they want to be.
He taught me to care about others.
He taught me to take care of our fur covered friends.

Gramps taught me first with Sooty, Inky and Dixie.
He showed that our fur covered friends rewarded our love with their own love.
He taught me how to care for them with a good heart and kindness.
And when I failed to learn the lessons I was corrected with kindness.

I have learnt so much from Gramps and each lesson taught made me a better man.
From Gramps I learnt to stand tall and proud.
From Gramps I learnt to take responsibility for my actions.
Every time I admit to a mistake and take responsibility for that mistake I am a better man.

But if I am a better man for having had Gramps in my life.
Then he was a greater man that I will ever be.
For Gramps was a true gentleman in every meaning of the word.
Gramps was a man of honor and true gentleman.

For all of us the sun will set.
And one hundred years is a long day.
But in the end the night comes for us all.
And what matters is how we made the sun shine for others.

Born 23rd of March 1915.
Passed from this world June 26th 2015
©July 7, 2015 Mark Crocker
PONSFORD Light a Candle. Ponsford
Originally printed on July 6, 2015 in the Exeter Express and Echo. Ponsford Frank
A very special man who will never be forgotten.
100yrs 3 months & 2 days 23.3 1915 UK to 26.6.2015
Australia Love by all he met R.I.P
your loving daughters June and Mary and families

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