Saturday, August 1, 2015

What You Deserve

Everything that is good, is what you deserve
At every corner, and at every curve
No matter where in life you go
You've earned the rewards that help you grow
Never think you're not worthy, on what you receive
You are much better, and you should always believe
Sometimes we tend to think ourselves too low
To have the things that will make us glow

Enjoy every moment that brings a smile to your face
Treasure it and hold it closely in a tight embrace
You deserve happiness, in all aspects that will be
It's life's greatest treasure, in which you hold the key

Step up to the podium, accept what you have coming
Don't back off, turn away and go off running
You are more worthy than you'll ever know
You need to realize that and make it so
©July 14, 2015 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
You deserve it, you've come very far
The rewards in your life, because of who you are
At every corner, and at every curve
Everything that is good, is what you deserve
So many of us give so much and when it is our
turn, we don't think we deserve it when we are
recognized for all we do. But just by living in this
life and respecting others, and helping others, we
deserve all good things.

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