Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love Beyond Compare

Spending time with the one I love
She's the one I'm always thinking of
Believe it ot not I can feel her too
Anywhere I am, no matter what I do
She loves me, and I love her completely
In this world, she means the most to me
You may wonder why you don't see her by my side
I'll try if I can, to you I will confide

Life has a way of weaving such a web around
And the money needed was not to be found
Yet, whether she's here, or whether she's there
The love we have together is beyond compare

You see, our love is really not the same
She is beside me always, she's my Twin Flame
In Spirit, I feel deep inside my soul
That's how I can say, it's the greatest love I know

Two human spirits, as One we are complete
Never having met, but one day we'll meet
Many miles, though we may be apart
In Spirit we are One felt in the heart

Love transcends time, and travels space
Twin Flames joined in love, as is in this case
So it is the same body that we share
In this union, it's a Love Beyond Compare
©July 10, 2015 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
To my Twin Flame Vicki, who I shall always love
forever, because her love is beyond compare

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