Thursday, March 1, 2018

Living Legends

Things not forgotten,
Fear and pain.
Callused shield of scarred hearts beating.
Flooding memories so haunting. Lessons cast into a mask, A cavern so deep and vast.

(Chorus: Living legends…
Within the present unfolding future.
Hidden echos of the past,
Revealing as they last.
Legacies of our lives.)

How far and long must I go to free my dreams?
When will this curse be broken?

So close it seems and yet so far out of reach.
So .. what .. does .. this time teach?

(Repeat Chorus)

Such forbidden fruit, harvesting agony.
Chasing the truth as specters of insanity.
Bring out the Heaven inside…
Turn the key and confide…
Swallow and bury your pride!

(Repeat Chorus)

A soul … never again to be the same. (Spoken, not sung)

(Repeat Chorus)
©2017 Lyrics by Adam Bradshaw

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