Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Ice Shack

He went fishing, out at his Ice Shack
Got to be careful, of that one large crack
Throw the line in, and see if you get a bite
See the line pulling, you can't beat that sight

 “Maybe I'll catch a perch, or a bigger fish”
“My mouth is watering, sure would look good on my dish”
“Maybe a Trout, a Whitefish, or Blue gill will take the bait”
“I'll just sit here in my shack, and I will wait”

“Inside my shack, it is warm and I can sit”
“I love being out here, and it's so hard to quit”
“A hole for my line to go in, wishing for the best luck”
“Just the other day out here, I saw a mallard duck”

“A few Canadian Geese, are also around here”
“I heard them, as I was unloading my fishing gear”
“So peaceful, as I sit waiting for a bite”
“Catching many fish, is a highlight”
“I guess I'll wrap it up, supper is on the table”
“My wife and I will watch TV, we've got cable”
©Jan 24, 2018 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
In da Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have the
Ice Shacks, where people take their chances going
out to put up a shack or a tent, and drill a hole, in
hopes of catching a fish to their liking. Years ago,
I went to see my Dad's Ice Shack.

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