Saturday, September 1, 2018

9-11 Poem

By Chris 
I was in class when it happened,
The act that started the war.
Four planes were hijacked to crash into the Twin Towers
They had many people on them killed like they were trash
These terrorists cared nothing for their lives or others
Two of the planes crashed into the Twin Towers
Two of them missed and still killed many
They killed numerous Americans
The terrorists hoped to break American confidence
But failed their mission
They did this to us and in return
We bombed their cities and watched them burn
This act of terrorism brought us together
To fight against the people who terrorize the world
3,000 plus men, women and children died on this day
But we won’t take that in such a light way
New York was in fear
The rest of the United States was in tears
Osama bin Laden was the cause of this pain
Now we are hunting him down
We will find him and make him pay
For all the lives lost that day
The Twin Towers stand no more
But our hearts have come together like a war
BOOM! BANG! Are the sounds we are hearing over in Iraq
We are fighting to get our peace back

©September 2001 Christopher Alaniz-Wadford
(written in the 5th grade.) 
Photo Copyright © 2007 by Chris Alaniz-Wadford and Lizzie Phillips aka Lizzie Vengence.

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