Saturday, September 1, 2018

Do You See Me?

Passing right before your eyes
It's a loved one in disguise
Saying “Do You See Me?”
Do you wonder who it might be
“Mom, is that you?”
Oh, if you only knew
Spirits do much more, than you could ever know
There's so much, that they like to show

 Yet some just do not seem to see
They never wonder who it could be
You could pass by, in front of their nose
They wouldn't know, unless you stepped on their toes
Flying right next to their face
Up and away, to another place
Getting your attention, makes their day
You're aware, in a special way
Your loved one could be...
A bird singing in a tree
A smile that starts your day
To hear a bird song, and see a sun ray

“Your life goes on, ours does too”
“We're close by, our love is for you”
“We've passed, but not away”
“Another form, another day”
“We have wings, to carry our soul”
“If you see us, you're more whole”
“Let's see a realization smile, when you see”
“The butterfly that flew by, was really me”
©Aug 8, 2018 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
In my belief, I do believe that spirits passed
do come by in forms of butterflies, dragonflies,
birds, and various other creatures. To let us
know their love is always with us. They come
at just that special time when we need them most.

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