Monday, July 1, 2019

After School

Who could have seen, who would have known
The future before us, how much we have grown
Time moves around us, we move ahead
We change with time, going where we’re led
Some of us get married, start a family
Others are led elsewhere, in our destiny
We find that life, takes all we can give
The more that we do, the easier it is to live

School is done, but your lessons have just begun
An adventurous journey, until your life is done
You see school was only the beginning of the class
You’ll see life differently as it goes flying past

You’ll see your dreams come true
And what you can accomplish too
Those you looked up to will pass away
You’ll be the one with an important role to play

Your appearance will change with age
Chapters of your life, moving page by page
Experience and wisdom will make a better you
When you find that life begins…After School

©June 19, 2010 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
I find that you can learn a lot in school, but I find that after
Graduation, we begin a journey that teaches us so much
more about life and how things are suppose to be. We learn
about the real world so much more, and the people around us.
Our wild days are over and we must take responsibility for
others. But deep inside our hearts and souls remain the same,
even when our bodies age and change in appearance.

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