Monday, July 1, 2019

To My Darling

Sweetheart, I am sad and lonely
    In the dear old house tonight;
Tho' the room is warm and cozy
    And the lights are clear and bright.

Yet, I cannot keep from thinking
    Of a night so long ago;
When you and I were here together
    And the lights were dim and low.

And you told me that you loved me
    And you pressed me to your breast;
And within your arms I rested
    But, I can't recall the rest.

For the sandman, too, was wooing
    And I yielded to his charms;
And for one sweet hour or longer
    Slept within your loving arms.

It was within this same room, dear
    That the words were spoken low;
That bound our heart together
    In the dear, old long ago.

Yes, tonight, I am sad and lonely
    For your face I cannot see;
But wherever you are tonight, dear
    I know you are thinking of me.

So why should I be sad, dear?
    You are true to me, I know,
And you love me the same you did, dear,
    In the days of long ago.

©circa late 1950's Carrie E. Joslin

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