Sunday, March 1, 2020

Swirling Thoughts

It feels like something sucks my soul out of me,
Keeping me from being who I want to be,
Depression has a firm grip on me,
But this is not the way I choose to be,
Swirling thoughts fill my mind,
Grief and loss are very unkind,
I claw to find a better grip,
The sand slips through my fingers like a sieve,
Glimmers of hope keep me afloat,
I try to escape myself --car, airplane, and boat,
You can run but you can not hide,
You can't fight your way out like Bonnie and Clyde,
I know better, I am very strong,
Then I hear that heartbreaking song,
I am pulled back to a happier time,
It eats at you and robs you blind,
Most of the time only the facade shows through,
Smiling, dealing is all you can do,
You pray for the day you find inner peace,
Your life signs on to a happier lease.

There's a lot more life to go,
You will be guided as you grow,
You will learn the lessons you need to know,
Upon death the answers unfold,
Your loved ones to have and hold,
God and Angels will cherish you,
Until then friends will hug you.

©February 2020 Roger Frank

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