Wednesday, April 1, 2020

My Nineteenth Birthday

Since now I've lived nineteen years,
     Brought you trouble and caused you tears;
I thought that I should write you a letter
     To show you that I'm getting better.

"Better at what?" you ask, and I
     Send to you this proud reply:
Better at rising each day with the dawn.
     Better at knowing where my money's gone.

Better at cutting things up in the lab,
     Better at not wasting my time on gab.
Better at washing and ironing things, too,
     Better at keeping Ds down to a few.

Better at getting along with my profs,
     Better at treating my sniffles and coughs
Better at working hard when I'm in school,
     Better at having school spirit for Jewell.

Better at getting along with my roommate,
     Better at knowing just how to pacificate.
The last was added just for fun,
     To show you how big my vocabulary's become.

Better at doing assignments in theory,
     Better at not thinking Biology is dreary
Better at conversation on dates,
     Better at not always making boys wait.

Better at practicing piano with vim,
     Better at filling each day to the brim.
And, so you see, I've improved in these ways,
     Think what I will do with my next 365 days!

©1964 Alice Anne Burks

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