Wednesday, April 1, 2020

On Trek


Today, I Dusted off my Soul

My soul was dusty with a film of agitation, negativity, division causing upset to my soul..the real me.

It has been like a test finding who I really am? Being put in time out has given me much needed time to reflect on my personal values. When I dusted off the film of dust on my soul, I found the real me.

I love all people,all nationalities. I pray for every person on the planet,every animal, and for the our beautiful earth itself. For Clean water,air, and for each of us to become part of the earth, as we all were put here to care for her.

I shed tears of joy knowing and seeing the love taking place daily because we are all finding who we truly are. We are all dusting off our souls and making adjustments as to what we truly want and need.

All peoples are created equal. Peace, love, harmony, joy,. Let those that want to hate and divide do so. But I no longer am part of that. I stand for truth, love and life.

Let us continue to be united in life.
Judith 3/29/2020

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