Friday, May 1, 2020

An Elevator Ride For One

With COVID19 around, life isn't fun
I'll choose an elevator ride for one
Just being cautious, so respect me please
I don't want to be around, in case you should sneeze
Anyone could have it, let's be safe for me and you
Ride the elevator alone, it's the best option to do
Yes, I'd prefer to visit, but my life is worth more
So let's be safe, when opening the elevator door

Don't be offended, if I don't want you near
This virus we're facing, has us all in fear
It's deadly, a killer to some, so please be smart
Understand what is happening, by playing your part

Let's do our best, to keep this virus away from the Tower
If you use your head, I know you have the power
Common sense, from what you have learned from it
Use the brains in your head, not the ones where you sit

I try to take the elevator, in the middle of the night
Hoping that, everyone stays out of sight
The less people, the brighter will be the sun
So I prefer, an elevator ride for one
©April 6, 2020 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
With Social Distancing, and trying to keep a safe distance
away, it's not always easy in a small elevator. We must do
what we must to ensure we stay healthy and away from what
is going around. It may seem rude, but you need to understand.
If I have it, you don't want it. If you have it, I don't want it. I
am doing you a favor as well, by keeping the distance between us.

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