Friday, May 1, 2020

Isolation Diligence

Is it do diligence, or diligence due?
Whichever it is, I have nothing to rue
As I finally get around to every task,
If something's needed, you have only to ask.

The sun rises up in the early morn
But I'm a sleepyhead since the day I was born.
Noontime for breakfast is a nice time for me
And I'm well fed as anyone with eyes can see.

I dilly dally at keeping things tidy and clean,
And I certainly am reluctant at having it seen.
But I do seek God's forgiveness for my lazy ways
And trust that He's listening throughout my days.

So easily it seems I can be distracted to stray
From the discipline needed when I just want to play
So getting around to doing what I know I should
Is simpler if begun early and I wish that I would.

I've had enough "Stay-cation" to last me forever
And I'm weary of examining my tiniest endeavor
To judge if I am really truly giving it my best
As though I were working at someone's request.

So whipping up a treat in the kitchen I adore
Is getting to be less fun and more of a chore
Because there isn't a bite prepared without a mess,
And for scrubbing dishes, you know, I couldn't care less.

So diligently pursuing this thought to its end
Means "doing the right thing" is what will mend
The lazy habits Isolation has bubbled to the top
Are the very habits I must make an effort to stop.

Will I start early? Get up with the dawn?
Exercise a little as I stifle a yawn?
Or will I just put it all off until next morrow,
And some more naptime from the day I'll borrow.

©April 29, 2020 Mary E. Adair

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