Friday, May 1, 2020

The Monster


The Monster that took over the world, is here
So many of us everywhere, now live in fear
What happened to the life that we had led
Before this is all over, which one of us will be dead
Stay Home and Stay Safe, is what they say
Wear a mask, if you should go away
Wash your hands often, don't touch your face
The Monster is taking over, the whole Human Race

Inside your home, hoping the Monster won't find
There are many things you can do, with your mind
Write a story, work a puzzle, or read a good book
Put something together, that you've always wanted to cook

The Monster likes crowds, so stay away if you can
The person who stands alone, is not part of the plan
Six feet apart, will keep it away
Be cautious of it, and repeat every day

The Monster has killed so many to this day
We keep looking for answers, to stop it in some way
We must do our best, and not give up the fight
Even though this Monster is out of sight

©April 17, 2020 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
We must work together to win against this COVID Monster.
Those who don't believe it is happening, or that it will get
them. They are just fooling themselves. You will know, if
someone close to you passes away from it. By then it will
be too late. It is so easy to be in your little cubby hole, and
believe it is just a nightmare someone thought up. But it's
real, and it is here, and everywhere, and we need to do our
best not to let it kill any more, by taking as many precautions
as we can.

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