Tuesday, September 1, 2020


By Michael L. Craner

It starts with a desire,
A need for warmth, heat.
Then a spark ignites.
Small flames, tenderly licking, feeding, and growing.

The tinder flares up,
feeding on the small twigs and sticks.
In time it grows,
consuming hungrily all that it can touch.

The fire blazes, even RAGES!
Sometimes tempered by the dew or rain…
yet a good fire with a good foundation will endure.
It may falter, but it will burn brightly again.

Family and friends will gather around it…
taking warmth and comfort from it,
while feeding it with dry old wood.
Wood that is wisdom, food, and love.

One by one, the family and friends retire,
the campfire burns on watching over.
Providing warmth and security,
for those who have gone to bed.

The coals are still glowing brightly,
but their blaze is gone.
Their heat can still provide comfort,
and start the breakfast fire.

Yesterday’s campfire may be all but a memory,
but its life will renew the new day.

Life is like a campfire.
May it consume you,
May you burn bright.
May you be the light in the night.

©August 3, 2020 Michael Craner

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