Thursday, October 1, 2020

My Photo Book

 By Bud Lemire

Photo Memories, are captured through the years
Old ones, funny ones, and the ones through our tears
The years seem to pass so quick
Someone in the family has gotten sick

Yet in the photo, they look so well
Who would have known, Heaven would ring its bell
Cherish the memories, of the ones we hold so dear
You just never know, what will happen in each year

It's almost like, you can step back into yesterday
In your memory, it's a good place to get away
Each photo tells a story, of the person who was there
To the other people, it's special beyond compare

Grandpa, Grandma, the Uncles, the Aunts, Mom and Dad
Live on in this lifetime, because of the photos I had
Every photo that you take, becomes a historic act
We can never ever, get that moment back

Some family members are discouraged, when my camera is in my hand
I capture the special moment to keep, I wish they would understand
It's not about their ego, and how they're going to look
It's because I honor them, with a place in my Photo Book

September 14, 2020 Bud Lemire

                              Author Note:

It's true. Those pictures capture a moment in time, that we can
never get back in life. But in our memories, we do go back, by
way of each of the photos. All our relatives and friends, and us
as we looked younger. A picture of a place that is no longer there.
A picture of a time that is no longer here. It's also true, I love pictures
to remember the special people in my life. Don't worry about how old
you look, or if your hair is messed up, or you aren't wearing the right
clothes. I want to capture you being YOU, so I can remember YOU.

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