Thursday, October 1, 2020

West Texas

 By Walt Perryman

I left West Texas many years ago,
But my heart stayed there, it did not go.
I was born in Pecos, back in nineteen forty four.
I grew up on the Pecos River for twenty years or more.
I lived in a little town east of the Pecos, Grandfalls is its name.
It has changed in many ways, but in my heart it is still the same.
I roamed that old river back when I was just a little child,
To this kid it was as big as the Mississippi and just as wild.
A few times I almost drowned back when I was a lad,
I would have but that Pecos river water tasted too bad.
To me that old river always was a mighty big deal,
And I still love that old river and I always will.
I have traveled the world and I have seen many people and places,
I‘d rather be looking at West Texas sunburned, windblown, faces.
I would move back there right now if I could,
I am so homesick the golden rod looks good.
If I go to Heaven when Old St. Peter calls.
I’ll ask if I can grow up again on the Pecos and Grandfalls.
One more thing and I know what I am talking about.
Once West Texas is in your blood you can never get it out.
©October 2020 Walt Perryman
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