Tuesday, December 1, 2020


 By Phillip Hennessy

It's been a Long time coming,
with Christmas almost Here
we're leaving 2020
now it's very Clear

The year that gave us Plenty
we leave it all behind
the Good, the Bad,
and Oh, so Sad
now's the time,
to clear our mind

Although this Season is for Giving,
it may not feel the Same, somehow
for what goes on behind closed doors
is more Apparent, now

We cannot feel the Celebration
for we must deal with Isolation
All our friends, and family too
so close, yet so far,
away from you

This separation is a Test
of how we must Survive
we have to show our Best
the worst, is now behind

So here we go, Another year
Almost Over, Oh, so near
and to the Next, Behold, with Praise
that it is filled, … with Happy Days

©November 2020 Phillip Hennessy

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