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By Thomas F. O'Neill

I enjoyed reading articles online about how modern scientists are attempting to come up with a unified field theory. A theory that can comprehensively explain all of reality and how we as human beings fit into the evolving big picture that is within us and around us. Some Physicists believe that Quantum Physics brings us closer to achieving that goal but there are still many unanswered questions.

One breakthrough in Quantum Physics was the discovery that matter can be broken down into its sub-atomic elements and that the energy at that level cannot be created nor destroyed. Sub-atomic energy is found throughout the universe, in living, and nonliving matter. The discovery of this energy brought us closer to understanding that sub-atomic energy is eternal. Quantum Physics is a remarkable tool in understanding the universe’s building blocks but it does not bring us anymore closer to understanding the essence of life.

A recent scientific breakthrough was the mapping of humanity's genetic code. We have learned more about the human genome in the last decade than in any other time in human history. We have also gained a greater understanding of the various genetic codes within other animal species. These various DNA signatures are essential for life to exist on our planet.

Scientists can point out the characteristics of what makes something a living being, but science cannot fully define why we exist. The essence of all living things that continues to evolve to greater self-consciousness cannot be fully comprehended on an intellectual level. But it is something we experience as self-conscious beings.

Some scientists are beginning to intuit that just as sub-atomic energy cannot be created or destroyed, so is the essence of life eternal. It is not a matter of believing in life or placing our faith in life because we know life exists. Life is what we experience and are consciously aware of in ourselves and others. We come to recognize existence in existence itself.

For the spiritually aware, it does not take new mathematical equations to recognize and conclude that we are alive. Some would define life as being synonymous with god and with our self-conscious awareness. The spiritually aware can also intuitively recognize the existence of all things as god’s outreach of love. Our spiritual understanding of life is not a matter of religious faith. It is merrily a matter of experiencing the spiritual core within our being and in the existence of others.

Quantum Physicists recognize the internal energy that sustains everything. This energy can also be reduced or broken down infinitesimally. There is no starting point to this energy but at the same time, it is an extension of what we understand as being god. There is also an internal balance within this energy. The spiritually-minded would call this internal balance an intelligent design. However, our human minds no matter how much knowledge we gain will always fall short of intellectually comprehending the awe-inspiring reality of god.

This scientific attempt among scientists to come up with a unified field theory does not fall in the realm of theology. It is simply a scientific method to unify their understanding of the sub-atomic world with the cosmos in general.

The star-filled skies and the human soul has intrigued the intellectually curious and the mystics of old for thousands of years. But in our more recent times, we are gaining more of an understanding of the raw science behind the cosmos and of what makes us human. We are also just beginning to comprehend the universe's sheer vastness. Most scientists believe that the reason it can take Billions of light-years for light to reach the earth from the farthest regions of our universe is that the cosmos is expanding at an accelerated rate.

Another way of viewing this expansion and outward acceleration is by perceiving it as accelerated growth within our evolving Universe. Some scientists also believe that in some far off and very distant future the accelerated expansion will slow down, and the Universe will begin to collapse in on itself due to a strong gravitational pull. The immense gravitational pull will cause the matter in our universe to break down to a sub-atomic ball of energy. The sub-atomic energy will eventually explode to what cosmologists call the ‘big bang theory’ or what we can define as a ‘rebirth’ of a new universe. This of course is just a scientific theory, but it also makes sense.

The big bang theory reflects death and rebirth on a cosmic level. We can intuit that our universe is just one of an infinite number of universes like a single cell among numerous cells that make up a living body. That living body is evolving within a greater living reality and that reality is evolving within an even greater reality and so on and so on. This theory of an expansion of evolving life is not something we can prove scientifically but it is something we can come to understand intuitively.

When it comes to the infinite and the infinitesimal reality of the ultimate big picture; we recognize that the ultimate existence of all things is the sum total of unending possibilities. Our existence is interconnected and an intricate part of the ultimate reality which is defined as eternal life.

I have a deep understanding that all life is spiritual by its very nature. I do not however follow any particular religious path because I have an implicit and intuitive awareness of that on a spiritual level.

Throughout history, people have taken long and treacherous journeys throughout the world and beyond. But the longest and most treacherous journey that any person can undertake is the journey inward. The inward journey provides humanity with multiple paths to spiritual awareness because each individual must and at some point, awaken to greater self-awareness.

We must also keep in mind that a key to spiritual growth is not in imposing one's will or beliefs upon others but rather in living our life as we would want others to live their lives, in doing so, others will embrace and emulate our way of life. True spirituality leads towards authenticity and that is why the truly spiritual do not seek conformity from others. Spiritual awareness frees people from imposing their will on others because they implicitly understand that the source of one's spirituality is at the very core of who we are as living beings. Life and god are synonymous we cannot separate God from the essence of life that sustains our very being.

The scientists’ attempts to develop a unified field theory reflect how science and spirituality are complimenting one another and merging towards a common objective. That common objective is to comprehend the essence within the totality of its whole. However, for science to unify humanity's comprehension of the ultimate reality of things, we must first unify our understanding of what makes us human. We must also gain a deeper understanding of our evolving self-consciousness, the interconnected life around us, and ultimately the living universe in its totality.

The unified field theory is also a race for both science and spirituality to unite the infinite with the infinitesimal. The ultimate objective is to unravel and comprehend the mysteries of consciously evolving life. This is not a modern-day objective because the wisest of the wise have sought to do this since the birth of humanity.

Life for me is an ongoing quest with greater self-awareness as the means to greater spiritual growth within us and in all that we touch. This interrelationship will ultimately lead towards a greater comprehension of the Universe and humanity's role as intricate living beings within an evolving and consciously growing universe. It is when we discover and recognizing our spiritual interconnectedness which is the sustaining essence of all things that we become a living, breathing and ever so subtle revelation of the altruistic outreach of god’s love.

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