Thursday, July 1, 2021

On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Collateral Beauty

I recently watched a movie online, it was called Collateral Beauty.
It was about a couple who lost their 6-year-old daughter, and while the mother was in the hospital waiting, an older woman told her to not dismiss the collateral Beauty.

The movie was excellent, and I kept thinking about Collateral Beauty. What it refers to is the love and unselfish kindness given to those grieving. So many unexpected acts of love come pouring in when a tragedy strikes us. Any tragedy triggers the goodness button on our soul.

We realize we are all connected, we all hurt when one of us hurts. We all feel the tape when it is pulled off the skin., or the needle entering the skin. When an animal is mistreated we hurt too. True love is an integral PART of each one of us.

I might add that some kindnesses we tend to take for granted. A good example is when someone opens the door for us or packs our groceries in the bag with love and care. When the gas station attendant offers to wash our windshield etc. Everyday Collateral Beauty surrounds us if we are aware. Not just with family, but with all folks.

We all have lives, and we all go about our daily business as usual, but each of us tenderly feels each other's energy, and helps where we can. May we all continue to appreciate the Collateral Beauty shown to us in our lifetimes. We are all ONE.
Judith 6/28/21

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