Thursday, July 1, 2021

One Finds Oneself

 By Mary E. Adair

One finds oneself musing
Upon what lies ahead,
What Paradise holds in trust
After one is declared dead.

Or as scripturally implied,
The gift of strolling golden streets
Could surely be denied
Along with similar treats.

So we plan our lives
From day to day,
And strive to be good
In every which way.

Treating everyone and everything
With unabashed kindness,
With compassion and love,
And thus toil in our blindness.

For one must always hope
And fill our lives with dreams
Of justified Heavenly rewards
Sewn together with caring seams.

And if I truly make it,
Get there into endless glory,
I'll be looking for you and I'll
Be eager to hear your story.

©June 29, 2021 Mary E. Adair

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