Monday, November 1, 2021

A Fish Story


By Bud Lemire

Enjoying fish is what life's about
Whether it be Perch, or it be Trout
Whitefish is among my favorite fish
It doesn't stay long on the dish

I have a taste for Salmon also
These are fish facts, that you should know
Walleye, doesn't do a thing for me
I tried it three times, so I let it be

There is a fish, and I say “Oh God!”
You know it's Friday, when I thank Cod
In Washington State, I had Red Snapper
I'm so glad these fish, come without a wrapper

As a kid, smelt was a favorite to eat
Memories of smelting at Wells, just can't be beat
Most of my family, liked to go fishing
Except me, I picked peas and did a lot of wishing

When Friday comes around
Buying fish is where I'm found
You know it's good for the brain
Think of all the knowledge you can gain

©Oct 14, 2021 Bud Lemire

                          Author Note:

I love my Friday fish. The weekends are
even better when you enjoy what you eat...


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