Monday, November 1, 2021

Woo Woo

By Pauline Evanosky

Ordinary Everyday WooWoo Activities

I asked my husband this morning if he had a suggestion for my WooWoo column this month. He asked me what I was talking about. He said what does WooWoo even mean? I said to him “Oh, you know. WooWoo! My psychic life.”

He said, “Oh yeah”. One of the things I can talk about are our telephone calls to each other. I don't know what it is but for many years I will call him, and he tells me when he’s answered the phone he was just thinking about calling me. The same happens when he calls me; I’ll have been just getting ready to call him. It doesn’t happen every time, just enough to be interesting. I believe that this might have something to do with how long we've been together. What else could it be? It's not the water. The same thing used to happen with my boss. The phone would ring in the office, and I would announce, “That’s the boss.” Most times it was.

The other thing that used to happen in the office had to do with my guides. We talk all the time. I don’t know what it is like not to talk to them anytime I want. The connection we have is always on. It’s not draining for me. It’s just how we roll. But, I was not a Chatty Cathy at work. I’ve always had a nose to the grindstone sort of work ethic, so there was no idle chatter between me and my guide. If we did talk it was more or less work related, unless they had something funny to say about whatever the situation was. So, I do admit to some humor.

Our rule in the office was to always add up whatever you were working on twice and you had a paper tape to compare the results. If you got the same answer twice you were good to go and could move on to your next task. Except, this one time my guide said to me, “Add it up again.” Even after I’d gotten the customary confirmation that my answer was right. I frowned, looked sideways at him and added it up again. Damned if he wasn’t right and I was wrong! I should mention the looking sideways move. I can’t see the guides or anybody else in spirit. Not usually, anyway. If I do see them, it is with my eyes closed and in my mind’s eye. That doesn’t prevent me from rolling my eyes at them. What I see most often with my eyes open are movements in my peripheral vision. Usually, they are a thumb’s up or down movement. Or somebody could be holding their nose if whatever I’d thought of was not the best or brightest of ideas. So, I see the profile of a face and a hand pinching their nose. Sometimes it’s just a quick round of applause.

Another thing that works particularly well for me are finding good parking spots. I actually don’t go out driving much these days, but when I do I like to park near the doors to the grocery store. So, here’s how I do it. As I’m driving toward the store I make sure I am calm. Anytime you get agitated while trying to manifest something it doesn’t seem to work. I have a certainty there will be a spot close to where I want it and envision somebody in the checkout line leaving the store and moving toward their car parked right where I want to park just as I arrive. Somehow it works. I wouldn’t say every time, because the last time I went to the store I had to park in the second row which is down a hill. I have trouble maneuvering a full shopping cart down the hill in the best of times. If I have to go down the hill I just go real slow. I suppose I could ask for assistance when I checkout, but I’ve only done that a couple of times in recent years.

It’s like the universe provides. Or, God provides, though I sort of imagine he or she’s busier with other things than helping me with my parking. Anyway, the universe provides.

The guides help me when I’m writing too. In the beginning I was nervous about doing it because they generally have really good taste and I ended up taking credit for their phenomenal writing skills. But, as the years went by I decided not to worry about it. First of all, I am accustomed to it and appreciate the efforts they make. Secondly, I do give them the opportunity to expound to their heart’s desire. Oh, that doesn’t sound right.

Dear, if we might interject.  


 Don’t have a heart attack over this.  Inspiration for everybody comes from source.  Your heart.  The center of your own personal universe.  That we appear to be separate from that source and have an identifiable space is just illusion.  We would say not to worry about it.  Take credit when we have helped you and, as you have done here, allow us the space to have center stage, as it were, when you decide to channel.  Our blessings to all who are reading this article.  Please remember you are loved.  Remember that when times get tough.  Our blessings.

Hey, thanks.  

 You are welcome.  Might you give us a fancy script for a font?  

Sure.  Something cursive?   

Whatever you wish dear.  It is sometimes confusing to read dialog without the appropriate punctuation indicating a change in voice.


I’m not sure if I’ve channeled yet in any of these articles for Pencil Stubs, but for anyone who was wondering what it was like….well, there you go. See you next month and I wish you happy holidays however

 you celebrate.  

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