Monday, November 1, 2021

On Trek


By Judith Kroll

Thru the Eyes of the Child

From the second a child opens their eyes, their world opens. Each eye is like a camera that snaps picture after picture to capture the world as they feel it. What is this? What is that? They see their mommy and smile because they put the voice with a face.

The sounds capture their imaginations, and THEN...they see their own hand. The movements of the hand. They can reach for the bottle, they can feel the pets in the house. Soon they can touch food and put it into their mouth. OH, it is fun to taste.

As they grow, seeing the world thru the eyes of our children is amazing. When they start to walk and pick up a twig, or a rock, or a bug even. Turning it slowly in their chubby hands taking pictures all the while thru their eyes.

Seeing a tree and how tall it is. I often wondered what was curious for them, and what was scary. Seeing a big body of water, when they'd only seen a tub of water. Seeing the sun, feeling the rain. So much for a child to learn and see, before they even enter school. Experiencing the tastes of ice cream, or chocolate.

I loved when they began to have an opinion. They couldn’t even talk, but knew they didn’t want to go to bed. So they cried. Crying was their communication. So much patience to be a parent.

If I return for another physical lifetime, will I have kids again? I don’t know, but what I do know is they need lots of love. I saw the world thru the eyes of three different souls. They were totally different in so many ways. We, humans, are an amazing group, that hopefully will continue to love and respect each other.

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