Friday, April 1, 2022

ABC Thoughts


By Marilyn Carnell

Action is needed to reach a goal.
Baffling if not well planned.
Cunning men can trip you up if,
Determined to do you in.
Elusive dreams can grow or die without a
Fight to stay alive.
Good will win if given hope and
Helps to steel your spine
Ignorance and prejudice can prevail by
Judging our outer appearance
Keeping secrets makes us die by
Lurking beneath the surface
Managing to stay afloat and
Never admitting oppression is
Punishment bourne and
Quite enough to kill you if
Restoration is not ongoing, the
Target is your self-esteem to
Understand the damage of silent
Violence to your being
Wanting to win with all your heart can show like a
X-ray of your soul. Men yell and cuss with extra
Zeal when they learn your weakness is how you feel

©Mar 27, 2022 Marilyn Carnell

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