Friday, April 1, 2022

On Trek


By Judith Kroll


Happiness is not given to anyone, sold to anyone, and no one can make you unhappy. Happiness is a choice. Each person is responsible for their own Happiness.

Many times we hear folks say, I woke up happy, but you just ruined my day. You made me unhappy. No one can do that.

If I am a happy person, and someone does something that might make me feel bad. I can choose to stay happy, or become miserable, but it truly is a choice. Our attitude is what keeps us going.

The more I focused on this subject the more I realized how many things are set up to divide us with what makes us happy.

An example is politics. Does Democrat or Republican make you happy? Does the other make you upset? Does it ruin your happiness? Seems like it. Yet it keeps us divided.

Which religion makes one happy? Which sports team? Which gender, color?

Which automobile? Which brand of can corn(?), or is it peas?

Let’s face it, life is choices. Since we all have free will, let each person pick what they want, and we pick what we want, and we still love each other. We are all connected, keep believing in connection, and we won’t be so divided. Love does not divide.
Judith 3/24/22

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